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How can AddSecure help you establish a smart and secure municipality?

AddSecureAlready back in 2015, Telenor could report that 70% of people would find smart municipalities an attractive place to live. An important part of a smart municipality or city is the use of sensors with internet access, that gather important data used to automate and improve services. Through this, the municipality can reduce costs, save […]

How to get started as a smart municipality

AddSecureThe smart municipality, like the smart city, opens up a ton of new possibilities. Everything from elder care to policing to waste management is going to be affected. But what should you know before trying to implement it all? Where do you even begin? Here are some common tips and concerns to keep in mind: […]

AddSecure receives IoT award for AddSecure Inside

AddSecure Inside, a solution integrating secure alarm transmission and secure data communications into panel manufacturers’ systems, has been awarded «Innovation Achievement” in the IoT Security category by the Detektor International Award jury.

The use of IoT technology in everyday life

IoT & se..The development of IoT marks an important shift in technological developments, and is often referred to as the precursor to the next Industrial Revolution, often called «Industry 4.0». This is because technology opens up smarter devices, improved communication, and increased automation. The technology affects important projects and shapes how «smart cities» and critical infrastructure are […]