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Breathalyser Interlock System

A New Range of Custom Alcohol Interlock Devices

Protect the public. Protect your drivers. Protect your reputation.

With 1 in 8 road deaths in the UK involving a driver over the drink drive limit, can you risk your fleet contributing to this statistic? Verilocation’s latest range of tethered alcohol breathalysers are here to ensure your fleet remains safe on the road.

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Take Action with a Breathalyser Interlock System

Protect against drink driving with the latest tethered alcohol breathalyser. Compatible with any vehicle type, our devices are designed to immobilise the engine upon the event of a positive breath alcohol (BrAC) reading. All BrAC thresholds can be customised dependant on your company policies, be that the legal limit or a zero tolerance approach.

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Experience real-time results

Get notified of any positive BrAC readings in real-time with instantaneous alerts direct from the Verilocation online platform. With full integration with our web-based telematics solution, access live and historic breathalyser readings within our Compliance module and monitor the overall safety of your fleet.

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CX-TAB (Tethered Alcohol Breathalyser)

An advanced commercial solution for fleets looking to proactively manage the safety of their drivers. The CX-TAB (Tethered Alcohol Breathalyser) is a fully integrated solution, combining a hardwired ignition interlock device and the Verilocation web platform for real-time notifications and reporting purposes.

  • Electronics Counter Circumvention Measures (ECCM) to distinguish between mechanically simulated and human breath samples.

  • Seamless, encrypted RF_download of data from vehicle to the Verilocation Compliance module.

  • GSM communicator for real-time reporting (optional extra).

  • Advanced fuel cell sensing technology.

  • Hand unit status LED indicates when the system is ready to receive a breath sample (especially useful in extreme operating temperatures).

  • Task bar indication graphically shows task progress for increased user-friendliness.

  • Driver change switch with Status LED gives visual indication when a sample is required and accepted; and prompts for driver change with random samples.

  • Fully integrated with the Verilocation telematics system.

  • The device is fitted with two override functions: Emergency situations allows for a once-off reprogrammable override function to keep the vehicle mobile; and in the unlikely event of a technical failure, an emergency override PIN code can be issued by the control centre.

  • The system is CANBus enabled thus dramatically reducing installation time and enhancing the system’s features capability.

  • All features and programmable to meet customer, market and judiciary requirements.

  • The hand-held devices come with user-selectable language options.

  • 12/24V connectivity.

  • Hygienic, individually wrapped, disposable mouthpieces.

CX-WAB (Wireless Alcohol Breathalyser)

Sleek, user-friendly and touch-screen operated, the CX-WAB (Wireless Alcohol Breathalyser) is fully battery operated for transportable purposes. This compact device features its own comprehensive biometric system for reliable readings on the go. Keep both the streets, and your fleet safe wirelessly today.

  • Wireless and portable battery powered device.

  • Advanced Fuel Cell sensing technology.

  • 2.8-inch colour TFT display with touch interface Easy to use graphic interface with buzzer prompts and instructions.

  • User-selected programmable device language Electronic Counter Circumvention Measures (ECCM) to distinguish between mechanically simulated and human breath samples.

  • Secure wireless data communication 868 MHz or 915.

  • MHz with 128-bit AES encryption.

  • Wireless database download from the unit.

  • GSM communication for real-time reporting (optional) Ability to connect up to 16 vehicles with immobiliser units.

  • Integrated fingerprints biometric identification for up to 16 users (drivers).

  • User Pin Identification.

  • Fully configurable through Autowatch configuration software.

  • Pin protected menus.

  • USB compatible charging of the unit.

  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery.

  • Single on/off button with status LED.

  • Single emergency start, with reset pin option.

  • Disposable hygienically wrapped mouthpieces.

  • User-friendly and ergonomic design for ease of use.

We fit the tethered breathalyser interlock device and reporting system across our entire UK fleet. It forms an integral part of our driver monitoring and management system and is mandatory for any new coaches coming into the National Express network.

Ed Rickard, Group Service Delivery Director


Alcohol specific sensor only analyses human breath


Can withstand temperature from -20C to 65C


Ready to use in under 40 seconds of turning on


Simply turn on, blow and go. Re-test any fails after allotted wait time.

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