AddSecure Dashcam 4G LTE

Protect your drivers from fraudulent claims with AddSecure's forward facing dashcam.

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The AddSecure Dashcam 4G LTE is the industry’s leading commercial dash cam. With HD 1080p video quality and full integration into our web-based fleet management platform, access your footage at any time, from anywhere.

Speed up the claims process and exonerate your drivers with crash footage automatically categorised by severity, downloaded for easy access, and sent to your contacts of choice for FNOL.

Help your drivers to stay safe whilst out on the road by improving driver behaviour through personalised training. The AddSecure Dashcam identifies camera footage by event types, such as harsh-braking or cornering, for easy reviewal. Improve driver behaviour within minutes, with both g-sensor and accelerometer data at your fingertips, you can easily identify opportunities to train and support your drivers.


Key Features

  • High quality pillar-to-pillar viewing angle

  • 1080p resolution

  • 4G functionality

  • Automatic system health checks

  • 12V compatible

  • Full Google Maps, Earth & Street View integration

  • HD night vision

  • Alarms for incident alerts, speed, acceleration, video loss, temperature