Asset Light by AddSecure

Trailer positioning with power supply.

Asset Light by AddSecure is used for permanent tracking of the goods in your trucks and trailers. It is easily installed in your truck or trailer and transmits its positions and other key data to Co-Driver Weboffice where you access the data collected on the field. Asset Light has a rechargeable battery so that data can be transmitted also when the trailer is decoupled.

Get full control of your trailers through positioning and tracking.


Asset Light is delivered by default with a standard configuration that optimizes the use of the battery while optimizing the precision of the itinerary. For this reason, the behavior is different when moving or standing still and when connected to a power supply or not. When the vehicle has been standing still for 90 seconds it is recorded as a stop. When it has been driving with at least 10 km/h for at least 10 seconds it is recorded as a start. 

The ignition is on (Power)

When battery is powered on (connected to the power supply of the trailer), Asset Light sends a position every 2 minutes and at each significant turn when moving. If not moving, it sends a position every 10 minutes.

The ignition is not on (No power)

When the battery is not powered on, Asset Light sends a position every 6 hours. With this setting, the battery has an autonomy of 4 weeks.

Automatic Trailer Coupling:

The automatic trailer coupling is made to analyse the data of your different equipment from the trucks and the trailers (Roadbox and Asset Light) so that the positions are constantly compared in order to check the probabilities of being coupled.
To match the positions of your equipment, AddSecure uses algorithms normally used in artificial intelligence. If a matching position is found, the equipment will be displayed in Weboffice Co-driver as connected. You will also get access to a tracking view report of the coupling in the map and a detailed reports with the driver, vehicle and coupling informations. The automatic trailer coupling offers an easier access to the information and minimises manual errors.


  • GPS positioning, tracking and geofencing

  • Start and stop reports

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Positioning on a map