Co-Driver App

Let your office team collaborate efficiently with the field through our android app for professional drivers.

The Co-Driver App by AddSecure is a fleet management solution for Android smartphones and tablets. It is connected to Co-Driver Weboffice, a back-office application for the transport management team. The app offers offline capability and it can be used “stand-alone” or connected to our onboard computer to access data from the vehicle and the tachograph. Through our “pick-and-choose” concept you decide what services you and your drivers prefer to use. Through Co-Driver App you access most of our fleet management services that require a driver screen.

Modern and user-friendly interface

In the field, your drivers will be able to use any of the activated services on their phones or tablets. The user can select landscape- or portrait mode depending on the type of device that is used. The most common languages are supported, and we constantly add new languages. The Co-Driver App can be used on any modern Android device and on our web we provide an updated list with the device requirements (resolution, screen size, version of Android).

Select vehicle manually or connect through Bluetooth 

The driver just needs to download the app, and then select a vehicle to get started. A link to the app for download is available through Weboffice. When a driver uses different vehicles, it is just to select another vehicle in a list in the app. The vehicle must belong to the group of vehicles the driver has access to. The Co-Driver App does not require any physical connection to the vehicle. As an alternative, the app can be paired with our onboard computer through Bluetooth (see below).

Let the driver access data from the vehicle and the tachograph

If you want your drivers to get access to data from the vehicle or the tachograph, it is possible to grow the solution by connecting the Co-Driver App to Roadbox (our telematics box). In this way, the drivers are offered real-time coaching of their Drive- and Resting Times, Driving behavior, and fully automatic Remote Tacho Download.

Use your own device or one provided by AddSecure

Drivers can download the app as many times as she/he wants and at any preferred device. The device should fulfill some basic requirements (see our website). You will have the freedom to manage your SIM Card and data services yourself. Alternatively, you can source your device directly from AddSecure. The application is then already installed and pre-configured by us.

Simplify the work in the office with Co-Driver Weboffice

In the back office, Co-Driver Weboffice provides a complete set of Fleet Management features of your choice. Most services are accessible just one click away from the map (through quick links) in the nearby “current selection” panel. In addition, reports and dashboards are available for the applicable services.


  • Quick roll-out through using the drivers' own devices (BYOD).

  • User friendly solution.

  • Compatible with most modern android devices.

  • Offline capability (Possible to use the application without a network connection).