Vision by AddSecure

Android screen for seamless interaction with drivers.

Vision by AddSecure is an android screen (7’) for commercial vehicles. The screen comes in two versions; Vision Mobile and Vision Fixed. The mobile version has a built-in modem and a camera to enable usage of the screen outside of the cabin, e.g. for services like scanning of goods, proof of delivery (signatures) and photo of damaged goods. Both screens are connected to the Roadbox on-board computer.

For Transport Managers, Vision offers an “always-on” connection to the drivers, to enhance communication and to make sure critical data is gathered from the field. Your drivers get all information they need about their missions, get coached in Eco-Driving (in real time), optimize their drive- and resting times or find the best way to the destination through the navigation service.

Keep control of the data consumption and the device uptime

The key advantage of Vision is that data consumption is fully controlled and predictable since it only runs services offered by AddSecure. This also means a tamper-free solution managed by AddSecure. No malware, no unwanted content and no hazel with security updates and maximum device uptime and remote diagnosis possibilities.

Key features

  • Android screen (7-inch capacitive TFT)
  • Built-in battery
  • Operating system: Android 5.0 (Fixed) / Android 7.0 (Mobile)
  • Fully managed by AddSecure

Vision Fixed (High control)

  • Fixed-mount in cradle (included)

Vision Mobile (Controlled flexibility)

  • Cradle with «pogo-pins» for easy and secure removal
  • Mobile (always online)
  • Document scan/camera
  • Separate SIM-card (provided by AddSecure)
  • Signatures & Barcodes

In one click, drivers can check messages, their eco-driving performance or information about their missions.

Vision Fixed and Vision Mobile are used together with Roadbox which connects them to the vehicle FMS and to the tachograph. The solution provides all key data for a complete analysis of your transport activities.


  • Tamper-free solutions managed by AddSecure. No malware, no unwanted content and no hazel with security updates

  • A stable solution with high device uptime and where you don’t need to worry about sim cards or data bill chock

  • Controlled flexibility through Vision Mobile