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We offer industry specific solutions

New transport patterns create an increased need for digitized and complete solutions in the transport and logistic sector. Each industry has its own specific requirements.

Ensure your temperature-sensitive goods are maintained and delivered within the correct conditions with real-time temperature monitoring solution and alerting.

Keep your drivers and assets safe and on the go, all from one user-friendly platform.

Run a smarter, safer and more efficient fleet with the industry’s leading connected fleet management platform.

Keep your fleet safe and your customers happy. An all-in-one solution to ensure safety and reduce costs.

Smart, flexible and scalable solutions

We provide you with flexible and scalable solutions across the entire order-to-cash process. You can automatically collect, aggregate and enrich transport and logistics data to deliver the required level of customer service at the lowest possible cost. To improve the entire logistics chain, we help you maximize precision, predictability, transparency, and supply planning while minimizing costs and emission levels.