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Co-Driver: the international solution for Fleet Management

Get full transparency and control over your transport- and logistics operations. With unified access to all key data in real time, you increase the efficiency of your resources and reduce the environmental impact through significantly better utilization of your capacity.

Help your drivers find the right way to the destination. Keep control of driver activities and simplify the communication between drivers and the office team.

Digital handling of transport missions, temperature monitoring of goods as well as transport reporting.

Keep track of your vehicles in real-time, simplify management and administration, and reduce overall fuel consumption (eco-driving).

A flexible and autonomous solution including services for trailer positioning, tracking, geofencing and trailer coupling.

Track what has not been tracked before through passive positioning via AddSecure Sense.

Use our experienced team to succeed with your fleet- and transport management projects.

Smart, flexible and scalable solutions

We provide you with flexible and scalable solutions across the entire order-to-cash process. You can automatically collect, aggregate and enrich transport and logistics data to deliver the required level of customer service at the lowest possible cost. To improve the entire logistics chain, we help you maximize precision, predictability, transparency, and supply planning while minimizing costs and emission levels.

Why is it important to secure data and critical communications?