The new AddView makes it even easier to maintain full control over your alarm systems

A new version of AddView will soon be released with a new look and improved performance

Keeping track of your business’s alarm activity has never been this easy. With the new version of AddView, you enjoy a streamlined alarm management system and get an overview of all your alarm systems. The latest version includes a new user interface that makes the service easier to use, along with other enhanced features.

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As an existing AddView user, log in to familiarize yourself with the new version. To try it out, simply log in with your regular login details. Please note that the preview version is intended for previewing, testing, and evaluation. Alarms, facility status and settings are reset every 24 hours with the current status from AddView 4.

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New user interface

A new user interface make the service easier to use so it is easier and faster to locate relevant events

  • Responsive user interface for desktop, tablet and mobile

  • Improved performance

  • Search and sort in all list views

Improved management of protocol-based alarms

Now it’s even easier to quickly gain an overall picture of the status of a facility. In the new version, all alarm types feature a degree of severity and event category designations, making it easy to distinguish technical alarms from security-related incidents, etc.

  • All alarm types are assigned a degree of severity and event category

  • Description of alarm events in plain text in the local language

  • Current protocol-based alarms are now available in the detail view of a facility

New management of notifications

The new management of notifications makes AddView easier to administer and provides an improved overview of alert settings.

  • Push, SMS and e-mail notifications are independent of each other

  • The conditions for when someone are to be notified in case of an event are separated from the content and recipients of the notification

  • Ability to temporarily disable both rules and actions

  • Alerts can now be applied to individual users

Triggers are now also available in web clients

Now , it’s possible to activate any action via both the app and in a browser. This increases flexibility. Use triggers in the client that suits you best!

Improved access control

Improved access control with different user roles and an improved overview make the service easier to administer. You can grant access to terminals and individual inputs to both user groups and individual users.

  • Roles now include User, Superuser, and Administrator

  • Permissions for terminals and individual inputs can now be associated with both user groups and individual users

Questions & answers regarding the new version of AddView

This is AddSecure AddView

With the help of the web and mobile-based AddView service, you get secure and convenient access to information that allows you to quickly determine whether your systems are working properly. The advantages include:

  • Uniform control and overview of all businesses’ alarm installations

  • Provides accurate information to the right user — on demand or via alerts

  • Enables rapid response to alarms and technical errors

  • Works with all AddSecure alarm transmission services

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